• Driven by his unfathomable passion for F&B industry, Neelendra started his journey in 1997. Spanning over two decades, he leads a highly motivated team of professionals, operating restaurants and all-day dining establishments in Singapore under the brand Cali. Neelendra, CEO & Founder Neelendra commenced the exciting journey with a dream of bringing forth innovative solutions to the F&B industry. His venture Cali is inspired by European, American and Asian cuisines from around the world. Nestled within Park Avenue Rochester Hotel and Park Avenue Changi Hotel, Cali believes in offering a constant source of new experiences to their customers. Adding to the legacy, in January 2019, Neelendra launched “NJ Relish, Food Boutique” and brings in a unique concept of ‘No Menu Option.’
  • In his 28 years of diverse invaluable experience, he has learnt that every next day should never be same as the previous day, whether it is concept, technology or even profits. The core of Man’s spirit comes from new experiences, and that’s what he aspires to offer to every diner. He passionately believes in the culture of giving back to society and building stronger communities. His restaurants support charities, non-profit organisations and local volunteering groups and work to be an instrument of change by making genuine efforts to make a difference in other people’s quality of life. His ultimate goal is to conceptualise out of-the-box innovative F&B solutions and to gear up his current organisation to be a renowned Strong Group of Companies, in years to come.
  • LOGO
  • Friendly, warm, reliable and flexible – NJ Relish logo truly represents who we are. The alphabets NJ represent the names of two members of the group who have been the motivating pillars in the success and growth journey of the organisation. We are passionate about making our customers ‘Relish’ the experience as they explore our Food Boutique and our chefs’ unique creations. The square shape logo represents our strength, efficiency, professionalism and our stability of serving our customers. The red colour represents our warm and welcoming ambience, staff and rich culture.