• NJ Relish, ethos “bring into being” stems from our passion to create something unique and personalised for every guest. From International breakfast Buffet to European & American fusion Semi-Buffet lunch, our chefs pamper your palate, spoil you for choices and offer a personalised approach towards your dining experience.
  • NJ unique concept of “No Menu” option stems from this belief. We bring our patrons a step closer to the ‘close-knit family’ where the food is cooked according to each one’s likes and dislikes. Just share your favourites foods or not-so favourite foods, and the Chef caters personally to the palate of each guest to relish and enjoy. NJ team is passionate about creating the perfect dining experience, where you can rejuvenate, make connections, entertain guests or have business meetings in a quiet, classy ambience.
  • To provide an elite experience to our customers with great food, excellent service, admirable attitude, a warm, welcoming ambience and respect the future via sustainable and ethical practices.
  • To lead and conceptualise every restaurant with a unique concept in innovation, the concept of food and connect with society meaningfully.